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Destination Alaska

Destination Alaska

August 1, 2019

Wildlife, scenery, quirky characters – Alaska has it all, and the best way to experience this epic adventure is from your own RV.

Literally thousands of miles of spectacular scenery and exciting exploration are yours for the taking when you RV Alaska. Even though taking a cruise is one of the most popular ways to see Alaska, there’s no comparison on which is the better option. One of the main attractions in Alaska is Denali, which is not accessible by cruising – unless you take a cruise tour, which still limits your exploration time. With RVing, you can spend days – rather than just hours – in Denali, as well as anywhere else you desire…truly getting a feel for the Last Frontier.


Literally thousands of miles of spectacular scenery and exciting exploration are yours for the taking when you RV Alaska. This is your chance to explore beyond the cruise ports and major cities, discovering small, unique communities such as Chicken, Tok or even North Pole! The cities and communities in Alaska each offer their own special charm and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to visit them.

You’ll have plenty of time to fish at some of the best spots in the world on the Kenai Peninsula and even camp right on the Homer Spit. So, if you have a hankering for fresh sea food (king crab, halibut, salmon), you’re in just the right place. Plenty of other wildlife will also be around, especially in Hyder, where you’ll be able to view bears as they fish for salmon in the shallow waters of Fish Creek. And bring that window cleaner and keep your critter camera ready because even when you’re driving, you’ll catch bears crossing the road, moose standing in the woods or bald eagles taking flight overhead.

Maybe it’s time to expand your horizons and head north to this magnificent playground. Not only is the destination incredible, the journey is too. Many RVers enjoy winding their way along Top of the World Highway for a magnificent drive atop stunning mountains. You’ll also get to see more than just Alaska – you’ll get to immerse yourself in the unforgettable landscapes of British Columbia, the Yukon Territory and maybe even Alberta. Depending on where your trip begins and ends, you’ll have the opportunity to travel through the Canadian Rockies and see the turquoise waters of Banff and Lake Louise.

But don’t let planning a road trip of this magnitude intimidate you. Prepare for the liftoff by battening down the hatches (some of the roads along the way to Alaska aren’t paved). Zip tying your cabinets, padding breakables and airing up your tires are good ideas. Connectivity isn’t always available if you want to be online, but that’s the freedom of Alaska – you don’t have to be “available” 100 percent of the time. After all, you want to visit our 49th state for the very reasons that it’s remote and wild!

That said, you needn’t sweat the big things when you choose to travel with Fantasy RV Tours. In partnership with Good Sam Club, Fantasy will arrange all the details, from camping sites to all the fun things to do! Professional WagonMasters and TailGunners accompany each caravan every mile of the way, sans the stress and worry.


The best part? Fantasy offers multiple Alaska itineraries – whether you opt for a guided tour (plenty of time to explore on your own, too) or a more independent adventure that allows you to experience the state “your way.”

Regardless of the tour you choose, Fantasy has you covered, making sure your trip is everything you dreamed it would be.


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