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Activity Rating Scale


Fantasy RV Tours want to make sure you have the safe and enjoyable experience when you travel with us. Each tour on our site has an activity scale to help you decide if that is the trip for you.


  • Tours require that you are responsible for yourself and your ability to get on and off all Transportation Services.
  • Guests relying on the aid of walkers, crutches or other mobility devices must travel with a companion capable of assisting.
  • Guests with mobility challenges may not be able to actively participate in all activities included in the tour itinerary.
  • Activity Rating Scale is to provide information for those who do not use mobility aids.
  • Tours include guided excursions aboard buses, boats, trains, subways, planes, automobiles and by foot. Always travel in comfortable walking shoes and clothing appropriate for activity.
  • Low Activity Rating
  • Moderate Activity Rating
  • Active Activity Rating

Short to moderate walking distances (15 to 30 minutes); likely to include ramps and/or short runs of stairs. May include extended periods of standing or sitting.

Moderate walking distance (30 to 45 minutes); some excursions may include gradually graded ramps, hills and/or stairs.

Activity of 1 to 3 hours of low impact, physical movement (walking, stairs, paths while on excursions). May include walking on uneven or unpaved surfaces. Stairs are likely – good health is recommended.


Symbol designates tours that are not suitable for Scooter access. We make every effort to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. Many accessibility issues for the mobility challenged are out of our control.