Our tour itineraries are designed to provide fulfilling RV vacations. We continually research and test events, activities, restaurants, campgrounds and local sights to gauge the merit and value each has to offer. Itineraries do not boast to be all inclusive, we do include the important and quality activities that we’ve had the opportunity to experience and review.

Occasionally we find an activity that meets our quality standards, and could be considered a logical thing to include for some of our guests, but not for all guests. Rather than include activities that may limit participation in the tour, we list these activities as ‘Optional’ and generally provide time for those interested to participate in these optional activities. We will not try to trick or mislead you. We choose to identify those activities and attractions in our itineraries as ‘optional’ so you are aware that we do not consider this to be ‘included’ – but recognize that we should point out such options.

Examples of Optional Activities may include, but are not limited to: Whitewater Rafting, Small Aircraft Flights, Bungee Jumping, Bridge Climbing, Jet-Boat Rides, Local Festivals, Amusement Parks, Specialty Sites and Self-Drive opportunities.