how to book a tour

Most of the information needed to book your next RV vacation is covered below.
We hope having this information is helpful. For any other questions please call us at (800) 952–8496.

Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service. Whether on tour, at an RV show, online, or over the phone, we strive for your experience to be exceptional. When you are ready to book your vacation, you can do so online 24/7, by phone or on the road with one of our Travel Ambassadors wherever your paths may cross.

Know which tour destination and date interests you the most and we can check the availability for you.

Be aware of the posted price so you know that you are getting the best deal available.

If you are a current member with either FMCA or Good Sam, have your membership number on hand.

You will be asked your name (as it appears on your drivers license), the name you would like on your name badge, and your date of birth. If traveling with someone, be prepared to provide that same information. If you or your traveling partner have any restrictive medical conditions affecting mobility or other important health concerns, this would be the time to share them.

Provide a current mailing address, telephone number (cell or land line) and your email address. Please have the name and telephone number of your chosen emergency contact person.

If traveling with pets, please have the spelling or your pet's name and know what type of pet you have (cat, dog, bird, etc.).

Are you traveling by fifth-wheel, motorhome, or travel trailer? You will want to know the length of your motorhome (length of car if towing), or combined length of your vehicle and trailer.

We are prepared to take Visa, MasterCard and Discover. A 15% deposit at the time of reservation is required, plus a non-refundable processing fee of $89.

We recommend you review our liberal cancellation policy so you are familiar and prepared with any questions.

The leader of your tour (WagonMaster) will be contacting you approximately 60 days prior to rendezvous (Overseas Tours at approximately 6 months prior).

Fantasy is 100% owned by employees and customers, creating an exceptional traveling experience that is sure to impress. Our staff is handy, capable and a real pleasure to travel with. We look forward to traveling with you on many wonderful vacations.